The APS2010 device monitors effective value of input voltage. Output voltage (effective value) is modified to guarrantee output voltage within standard limits. The following figure presents the dependence of output voltage on input voltage.


Input voltage – effective value (Veff)

160 – 260 V AC

Output voltage (Veff)

230 ± 10% VAC

Output power (Pout)

180 VA
(250 VA until 10 min)

Max input power consumption (P01)

< 15 VA (for load > 40VA)
< 10 VA (for load 0-40VA)

Circuit protection

Thermal fuse located on PCB, I = 1,6 A
Overvoltage protection by means of varistor in output, 230V+10%

Indication of ON state

green indicator in power-on switch

Indication of right output voltage (for Uout > 190 V )

yellow LED

Inputs and outputs

screw terminals (L, N, PE)

Cable throughputs

Pg 13,5


125 × 230 × 95 mm


metal case, thickness of sheets = 1,5 mm


2,9 kg (netto)


white background and black legends

Working position

horizontal (on foots)
vertical (mount to the wall)

Electrical environment

AA5/AB5 ( ČSN 332000-3 a ČSN 33 2000-5-51 )


ČSN EN 60335-1 + A55 and A56
ČSN EN 55014-1 + A1+A2
ČSN EN 55014-2 + A1

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