HVGP 2001 is a small and portable high voltage generator. It generates HV output pulses with regulated amplitude and temporal width. There are two modes of operation: single pulse mode and repetition mode. Auxiliar TTL output yields pulse-width monitoring. High voltage output is galvanic insulated and leads into centres of two BNC sockets.

The single pulse is triggered by the input pulse. Moreover, the desired temporal width of the pulse can be selected in 5 ms increments. The device is mounted in a plastic housing.


Output amplitude

1 to 2 kV

Monitor output


Max current output

5 mA

Variable pulse width

1 to 50 ms

Fix pulse width

5 ms

Max trigger input level

40 V

Trigger input threshold

7 V

HV output connectors


Trigger input connector

BNC receptacle

Monitor output connector

BNC receptacle


230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


250 × 75 × 200 mm


2 kg

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