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Testovací jednotka pro photoncounting
Model: PHDY.2005

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The PHDY.2005 controls the PHDX.2005 unit. It yields power for both PMTs and control voltage for PMTs. The signals from PMTs are conditioned : amplified, compared (low and high tresholds), converted to digital level signals and counted. Three counters are available for detection counting : Channel A, Channel B and Channel (A & B). All counters are resetable.

PHDX.2005 and PHDY.2005 are devices primarily designed for photoncounting experiments. They show the quantum behaviour of photons. They clearly demonstrate the influence of various parameters on photon counting statistics (input amplification, dark current, treshold setup, PMT sensitivity and PMT control voltage, input flux, etc.). These devices are suitable for testing of parameters of PMTs (photon multiplier tubes).
See also PHDX.2005