The EZC-500 is a power electronical amplifier that is used as a power source for a deflective feedback impedance system for stabilization of the position of a plasma. it is a part of a system of plasma position sensing devices: digital/analog information processing of plasma position – control signal – power amplifier – deflective system. The power of the device is realized by 6 accumulators joined serially (12V/100Ah, 900A(EN) short-circuit current).
The device is a current generator that is controlled by voltage Actual current is measured and the value is provided as an output voltage signal.


Max output corrent

±500 A

Max output voltage

±36 V

Supplying of control system

230V / 50Hz, 1/N/PE

Supplying of power part

6 × 12V/100Ah accumulators



Input control voltage

±10 V

Output current sensitivity

50 A/1 V

Monitoring output

0 to 10 V

Monitoring signal sensitivity

2 V/100 A

Output/Input connectors

BNC, 50Ω


19″ × 4U × 350mm

Weight (without accumulators)


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