PZ 100 consists of a generator that forms a reference voltage signal that controls a time dependence of the required current signal and an output power unit. The generator is programmed by a remote PC. The power unit generates the required current signal. The external capacitor bank powers the PZ100 system.


Maximum current

100 A

Maximum voltage


Length of output voltage pulse

50(100) ms


TTL (pre-trigger)

Triger-to-output delay

10 ms

Sampling DAC

20kHz, 12 bits(data 0-4095), 1024 samples

Data format

XY table, file in ascii expressed by numbers

Sensitivity of signal monitoring output voltage


Sensitivity of signal monitoring output current

1V/10 A


10/100 Mbit, transmission through virtual port (like serial)
galvanically separated

Capacitor bank

1F / 400V/p>

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