HPD 4.1 is a modular system for measurement of magnetic field by means of Hall probes with high temporal resolution. It consists of a system unit (enclosure, power supply), 1 to 4 Hall probe modules, 1 temperature module and 1 communication module. The system is mounted in a standard 19 inch rack. This driver is primarily designed for magnetic field measurement in fusion research (tokamaks, stellarators), but its application is much broader (industry, R&D).

Hall probe module 2301
The Hall probe module was designed to supply one Hall probe with DC current up to 200 mA and to measure input signal from the probe. The input circuits involve precision input gain amplifier with the gain 1 to 10000, high-pass 10 Hz filter and a programmable low-pass filter with 4 cut-out frequencies (1 to 350 kHz). The output signal is balanced manually, unbalanced signal is indicated by two LEDs. The output signal is an analogue voltage signal proportional to magnetic field, which is corrected by frequency filters. The input signal connector (mixed D-sub) incorporates the signal from PT100 temperature sensor. It is useful for simultaneous measurement of the temperature near the magnetic sensor. All parameters can be set either manually or remotely via a communication module.

Temperature module 2302
The temperature module enables to perform temperature measurements by means of PT100 sensor. The calibrated range is 0 to 100 °C (see technical data). The input can be either direct (via insulated BNC located on the temperature module) or via mixed D-sub input connectors located on HPD modules. Each of the Hall probe modules can be used for temperature measurements. The output signal is 10 mV/°C and 0 V for 0 °C.

Communication module 2303
This module is available in multiple versions depending on the form of communication protocol used between the master computer and HPD 4.1. Please, ask the manufacturer for details.

Power supply module 2205
This module provides power supply to the entire system. Power status is indicated by an illuminated green push-pull switch.


Hall probe module 2301

Input amplifier gain

1×, 10×, 100×, 1000×

Total gain

10×, 100×, 1000×, 10000×

Input voltage

0 to ±0.5 V

Max output voltage

±0.5 V

High-pass filter

10 Hz

Low-pass filter

1 kHz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz, 350 kHz

Order of active low-pass filter


Output current

0 to 200 mA

Output current stability
(for ΔR = 50 W)


Setting accuracy
(real value vs value on the potentiometer scale)


Standard accuracy
(main accuracy)


Additional accuracy
(caused by temporal changes)

0.01 %/°C for total gain 10
0.01 %/°C for total gain 100
0.02 %/°C for total gain 1000
0.03 %/°C for total gain 10000

Setting time
(recommended time after power-on before exact measurement)

10 min

Temperature module 2302

Temperature probe


Temperature range

-200 to +200 °C

Calibrated range

0 to 100 °C

Output voltage

10 mV/°C and 0 V for 0 °C

Standard accuracy
(for 0 to 100 °C)

±0.3% ±1 digit

Additional accuracy

0.02 %/K

Communication module 2303

Please, ask the manufacturer for details.

Power supply module 2205


230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA

Dimmensions (system unit)

19” × 3U × 280 mm

Weight (system unit)

8 kg

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